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IF REQUESTED, Please print the following forms and submit them to a PVRC staff member.


  • PVRC Waiver - Required prior to participation UNLESS you registered online, in which case you already signed it electronically.

  • Swim Evaluation  - Required prior to rowing on the water.


Travel. If you are attending an overnight regatta with PVRC and your coach has advised you to get travel documents signed, these are the documents:

Other helpful links:

Thank you, in advance, for completing all paperwork in a timely manner. Our coaches are hired to help our rowers be safe, efficient and have fun! If they liked chasing people for paperwork, they would've chosen a different career path...  If you have any questions, please contact the PVRC Executive Director.

Youth code of conduct

I will demonstrate good sporting behavior. I understand that respect for participants, coaches, officials, volunteers, other teams, and spectators is essential for competition and fair play.


I agree to accept and carry out the instruction of Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club Coaches and Staff.


I will treat all of my teammates, my coaches, PVRC staff, PVRC volunteers, and PVRC chaperones with respect at all times.


I will support my teammates’ efforts and celebrate their successes.


I will resolve issues directly with my coach and/or teammates without resorting to hostility or gossip.


I understand that I am a representative of Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club and my behavior is a reflection of PVRC. I will behave in a way that positively reflects PVRC and its mission.


I understand bullying is prohibited and will not be tolerated.


I understand that use of or possession of alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, prescription drugs not prescribed by a physician specifically for me, performance enhancing drugs, and weapons are prohibited at PVRC and during any official PVRC team activity. I understand that underage drinking, drug use, and illegal activities will be reported to my parents/guardians and the PVRC Executive Director. Discipline will be severe and result in full expulsion from PVRC.


I will respect and properly use all equipment and facilities of Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club and host organizations. If I am unsure as to proper safe usage, I will ask for instruction.


I will be respectful of other people’s possessions, property, and personal space and will refrain from activities that cause damage to any of these.


I will arrive prepared to practice, dressed in weather- and practice-appropriate clothing, and with a full water bottle.

I understand that I am expected to attend all regattas in which my team competes, and must inform the coach several weeks in advance if I am unavailable for any regatta. In the event of last minute illness or family emergency, I will contact the coach immediately so s/he can attempt to adjust the lineup before my boat must scratch its entry.


I understand that regattas are all-day events and that I am not just there for my own races. I understand that I have duties throughout the day, such as un/loading and de/rigging boats, helping other PVRC boats launch and dock, and helping with food tent gear. I will arrive at the designated time and meeting place, and remain until all equipment is secured on the trailer and athletes are dismissed by the coach. If I have an exceptional circumstance that requires me to arrive late or leave early then I will clear this in advance with my coach and my teammates who will have to pick up my share of the work.


I understand that rowers are not allowed in the boathouse or on property except during regular youth practice and event times unless supervised by PVRC staff and with prior approval from the Executive Director.


I understand that I am financially responsible for any damage I may cause when disobeying rules.


I understand that if I do not abide by these rules, the consequences may include, but are not limited to: completion of club service hours, being sent home immediately at my parents’/guardians’ expense, suspension of my membership on PVRC teams, and full expulsion from PVRC.


I understand that refunds for membership, program, regatta, or travel fees will NOT be

given upon suspension or expulsion.

PARENT code of conduct

My child/ren and I have read the Youth Rower Code of Conduct and I understand that my rower(s) will be held to the standards of behavior contained therein.


I will encourage my child to follow the Youth Rower Code of Conduct and to resolve issues without resorting to hostility or gossip.


I will show respect for PVRC coaches, PVRC staff, PVRC volunteers, race officials, and staff and volunteers at hosting organizations who give their time to rowing for my child.


I will leave the coaching and coaching decisions to the coaching staff.


I understand that Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club’s website,, is the primary source of information about PVRC and its programs.


I will provide a current mobile number and email address to the club for reliable communication.


I understand that the app GroupMe is used for most communication between parents. If I choose not to install GroupMe or join the parent group in GroupMe, getting team and club information and updates is my responsibility.


I will inform my child’s coach of any medical condition which may affect my child’s ability to participate in practices and/or regattas.


I will remember that my child rows for her/his enjoyment, not mine.


I will insist that my child rows in a safe and healthy environment. I will support a sports environment that is free of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco.


I will make every effort to show respect and courtesy to others when communicating via electronic means such as, but not limited to, email, texts, and GroupMe. If I have a problem to resolve, I will resolve it in person or on the phone and not through the use of public emails or messages sent to multiple recipients. I will refrain from resorting to hostility and gossip.


I will first communicate all and any concerns regarding inappropriate behavior to my child’s squad coach. If I require further discussion, I will communicate with the head coach. I may seek other vehicles for resolution, such as communication with the Executive Director of PVRC.


I have read and understand the above Code of Conduct and agree to abide by its guidelines during all team activities. I understand that if I do not follow this Code of Conduct, I may be asked to leave a PVRC activity. In an extreme or repeated situation, I may be asked to withdraw my child from rowing at PVRC.

I have reviewed the pickup and dropoff parking map shown below.

drop off map.webp
Youth Code of Conduct
Parent Code of Conduct
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