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Saturday, July 20, 2024

presented by the pioneer valley riverfront club and chinese association of western massachusetts

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A Dragon Boat is a giant Chinese war canoe (see pictures). The Springfield Dragon Boat Festival is a series of friendly, fun dragon boat races between groups, companies, organizations, etc. assembled to compete for one day. The Festival goes from 8am to 4pm on a summer Saturday (date shown above) at North Riverfront Park on the Connecticut River, 121 West Street, Springfield, MA (See parking directions below). Your team needs at least 17 people: 8 men, 8 women, a Drummer (wears a costume, beats a drum, rides in the bow of the dragon boat), plus a few spares.


Each race is 200 meters (about 2 football fields), lasts about one minute, each team races at least 3 times, no experience is required, all equipment is provided, a practice session is included, and medals are awarded! Festival proceeds benefit the Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club, a Springfield non-profit connecting people with healthy riverfront activity.

Admission is free for spectators to enjoy the dragon boat racing, food trucks, cultural performances, and more!


Please carpool as parking may be limited.

An optional donation of $5 to support PVRC programming may be requested.

Volunteers please park at 55 Avocado Street. 


I'm Interested! What do I do next?

  1. Get ready to have a Great Time and save the date (see date at top of page)

  2. Register your team (have your Team Name ready!) in the box below (Follow these important directions when you are ready to register​).

  3. Invite people age 16+ to join your team by forwarding them the unique registration link you receive by email.

  4. If you need help or ideas to build your team please contact

  5. For Community Teams: (who are coming to the festival for a day of fun, and don't compete at other dragon boat festivals or hold regular practices)  When you have 8 women, 8 men, a Drummer, plus a few spares, you are ready! We will be in touch with you to schedule your practice session the week before the festival. Extra practice sessions may be available: contact A certified Steersperson is provided.

  6. For Club Teams: (who practice regularly and compete against other Club Teams at dragon boat festivals), you'll need at least 8 women, a total of 20 paddlers (but you may register 25, as spares), and an Active Drummer. A certified Steersperson will be provided if needed.  

  7. Make a team short-sleeve t-shirt to wear the day of the Springfield Dragon Boat Festival. Hint: put your logo on the sleeve so it can be seen while you wear a life jacket.

  8. You will be provided a team tent site, but must provide your own tent (this is a rain or shine event). Please decorate your tent and site to show your team spirit!

Quick Start Directions:

Choose your ticket below and press Enter Details. Enter your information as the Buyer. If you’re also going to be in the boat, copy your information only to Ticket 1Scroll down to “Save and Checkout.” After you pay, you will receive an email to forward to your teammates. When they get that email from you, each person on your team will "Edit Order" and enter their name for a Ticket. Click here for detailed instructions.

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