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Exercise all year long with a group of adults who have the PVRC boathouse in common. Any age, fitness, and experience level is welcome! From November to April, indoor strength, flexibility, and rowing machine workouts guided by a coach help you achieve your fitness goals and get introduced to rowing technique. In warm weather, we take to the water - for fun, for recreation, to improve, and to race. Pick one, or all, with the adult rowers at PVRC.


Winter Adult Rowing



No experience required! New athletes wanted.


M 18:00-19:30, T 18:00-19:30, W 18:00-19:30, Th 18:00-19:30, Sa 08:00-09:00

This winter, join us to get fitter, faster, and healthier. Indoor workouts for FDA-approved-vaccinated rowers and paddlers with some extras in the works. Saturdays will offer special programs such as yoga and outdoor excursions; and options from rowing tanks to poolside workouts based on availability of these services. To attend Mid-day workouts (Tue, Thu 12:30-1:30p) please RSVP to headcoach@pvriverfront.org by Sunday prior.

Holiday Season Training

11/27/21 - 12/23/21


Adults: Covid-19 vaccinated. Youth: vaccinated or other precautions in place.


Monday - Thursday, Saturday

On-land workouts led by Head Coach Scott Branscomb and rowing/dragon boating staff help you meet your holiday fitness goals! Programming includes instruction in proper technique at strength, flexibility, and rowing/paddling cardio workouts. Come to cross-train, to learn about rowing and dragon boating, to prepare for spring, to make new friends, and to meet your personal goals.

Sign up by 11/1 and save $25


What should I bring and wear?

Wear athletic clothes, and bring a hat, and water bottle. Clothes should be snug fitting, non-cotton. Shoes are required, and they might get wet.

What happens if it rains?

Your session will happen if the forecast calls for rain, please dress appropriately, in layers if needed, but not cotton as it just gets heavy and soggy. In the event of lightning or high wind, your session may occur indoor on training machines, or be cancelled, or rescheduled. We monitor the weather closely and will communicate with you if there are any changes.

How do I communicate with PVRC?

We use GroupMe for communication between participants, and with coaches. If you know you'll be enrolling, please install the GroupMe app on your phone. This will make it easier and faster to add you to your specific program's group. We use email for non-urgent, lengthy, and other important communication. The Boathouse Phone number is 413-736-1322, where you may also leave a message. Messages are checked daily.

How do I get evaluated for Club Boat Sculling?

If you are an experienced sculler and would like to use club equipment to scull on your own schedule you will first need to be evaluated by a PVRC rowing coach or approved member. This evaluation will include proper handling of equipment, a written test, and demonstrating that you are able to re-enter a flipped boat on the water. Please email info@pvriverfront.org or contact a PVRC member to be directly connected to an available coach. Upon passing this test, you may register for Adult Club Boat Sculling, and may row, initially on a buddy system, and eventually solo, during daylight hours when club equipment is not in use.