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Exercise all year long with a group of adults who have the PVRC boathouse in common. Any age, fitness, and experience level is welcome! From November to April, indoor strength, flexibility, and rowing machine workouts guided by a coach help you achieve your fitness goals and get introduced to rowing technique. In warm weather, we take to the water - for fun, for recreation, to improve, and to race. Pick one, or all, with the adult rowers at PVRC.


Private Instruction for 1 or 2 people

June - August or by appointment


Age 12+, ability to swim


By arrangement

One rowing coach guides you (and a friend) through the steps of learning and improving your ability to row in a boat for one person, called "sculling." This program provides three 90-minute lessons at a time that you and the coach agree on. Use of club boats, oars, and on-water supervision by a coach in a safety launch are included.

$199 for 1; $299 for 2

Adult Experienced Rowing

3/14/22 - 10/30/22


Introduction to Rowing


See Registration

Coached, on- and off-water sculling and sweep rowing.

Adult Club Boat Sculling

5/3/21 - 10/30/21


Coach's evaluation.


Pick your own times

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to row when you want, using club equipment, with a rowing partner, at times when equipment is available. By registering, our coaching staff will be alerted that you would like to be trained, and evaluated, on boathouse procedures and safety, and they will contact you. If you are also registered for Adult Coached Rowing, you can add Club Boat Sculling for just $200 for the entire season. Discount taken at checkout. Age 18+.