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Here is a brief rundown of regatta day information, PVRC style.  



Paying regatta fees and expenses is mandatory for all Novice and Varsity rowers and coxswains regardless of each individual rower’s attendance at the regatta. The cost of attending a regatta is borne entirely by the team and divided equally among all rowers, including coxswains, in each squad racing in that regatta. PVRC as an organization does not have the budget to fund race fees - this is the case across all PVRC programs. So the per person cost we ask for covers everything from the entry fee for each boat, rental of a truck that can pull the boat trailer, gas and tolls, hotel room for coaches if applicable, and paying our dear coaches for their time. Regatta fees are payable by check, made out to PVRC, or by other arrangement made with the Director. Coaches are not responsible for collecting fees. See the FAQs page for more information about how regatta fees are calculated and assessed.



It is expected that all Varsity rowers attend the regattas, regardless of lineups, and we ask that all attend the regatta wearing PVRC Rowing gear in pride! Novice who are racing must attend, and their teammates are encouraged to, as well. This is important for several reasons: coaches can make substitutions if necessary; everyone learns how a regatta is run so when they first race it is not entirely unfamiliar to them; many hands make for light work when handling equipment; it is inspirational to have your teammates cheering you on ... just to name a few.



All rowers should have a USRowing account with a current waiver. Please sign up here. The account should be created in the rower’s name using the rower’s information including email address and date of birth. A parent/guardian completes the waiver for youth rowers. It is best to have the rower present while signing up for the account. (The quiz is not graded! You'll see.) If your rower has a USRowing account, please log in with your rower and update the waiver.


  • Regattas are tons of fun, but very long days. Plan on early morning arrival times and staying until the very end of the regatta. All day. Rowers are expected to arrive at the beginning of the regatta and stay until the very end, unless specifically dismissed by a coach. Rowers do not leave as soon as their own race is over. Boats need to be de-rigged and loaded on the trailer and the food site needs to be cleaned up and packed up before anyone may leave.

  • When planning your day, leave time in your schedule for parking and walking to the regatta site. Sometimes, parking is easy and close by. Sometimes, not.

  • Weather can be unpredictable and regattas are near water, which can mean wind or mud. Please plan appropriately. Rowers come from hardy stock - only severe weather stops racing.

  • Bring layers of clothing, good shoes, rain gear, and sun protection (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen).

  • Camp-style folding chairs for each person attending with you are helpful. There is plenty to do and see at regattas, but sometimes it feels good to sit down for awhile. PVRC does not bring chairs for anyone.

  • You will want binoculars. Cameras are great to have. Although it can be difficult to get photos of the racing unless you have a telephoto lens, there are other opportunities to catch some photos: rowers at the trailer, eating at the tent, right after the race, loading the trailer, etc.

  • Some regattas have retail tents that sell official regatta tshirts or other rowing related items. Bring your wallets.

  • Be prepared for Port-O-Lets. Bring wipes and tissue.

  • If space and weather allow, PVRC will have a homework table set up for rowers to use.



Regatta Central is our friend for information about specific regattas. You can find location information, parking information, and more on Regatta Central. Get to know this site.

Each regatta is very different from any other. Make sure to check Regatta Central or the regatta’s own website to learn about and plan for parking fees and the time it may take to walk to the regatta site from the parking site.

For regattas PVRC has attended, we know the traffic patterns, where the trailers park, and where tents are allowed - in general. Except for one or two regattas, parking of trailers and tent spots are staked on a first-come first-served basis. This means we do not know exactly where the trailer and tent will be until someone arrives and sets up. As much information as possible is shared prior to each regatta. Please be flexible and understanding that sometimes we will just have to wing it and figure it out when we get there. While not exactly comfortable, this is rowing life.



As a team, we feed everyone (rowers and their cheering sections), but we do *not* provide water. It is heavy, expensive, and takes up tons of room (not to mention the environmental concern of cases of bottled water). Please send your rower with her/his own reusable water bottle, clearly marked. PVRC recommends sending your rower with a minimum of two one-liter size bottles and bringing several more for your family members/supporters. Water will *not* be provided by the team for anyone.

As a reminder, PVRC does not provide water at regattas.

Please bring your own water.


The family that eats together ... As a team, our food tent is potluck style and we feed *all* our rowers and whoever attends the regatta with them to cheer them on and support them. If your rower shows up with mom, dad, a sister, and an aunt who is visiting, we feed you all. If you didn’t sign up for a food or work slot for a specific regatta, we still feed your rower and her/his entourage. We do feed the rowers first, but pride ourselves on taking care of the whole PVRC entourage. We serve morning snacks, lunch, and afternoon snacks depending on the time of the regatta.


The coaches teach the rowers about nutrition and appropriate food for fueling growing and active bodies. PVRC has consulted with a registered dietitian to develop food plans for our regattas and Coach Tom has edited and approved them. PVRC provides healthy food for our athletes and models healthy choices. In addition, we must consider food allergies and other dietary issues.


Please support our coaches and their efforts, as well as our athletes and their dedication to their sport, and only bring what you have signed up for. Although your generosity and enthusiasm to support our rowers are *greatly* appreciated, please do not bring food to share unless you signed up for it. You may be thinking, "It's only one box of cookies/brownies/donuts/candy/three pizzas, it's not a big deal!"  However, be assured, you are not the only parent thinking this and we end up with much much more than one box of treats. If it isn't on the Sign Up, we don't need it.


PVRC teams use Sign Up Genius to manage the pot luck regatta meals. A link to the regatta Sign Up is sent to all parents via GroupMe approximately one week prior to the regatta date. The sign up lists the work shifts, food, and supplies needed for the regatta. Remember, we have many parents contributing to our food tent, so you will only need to sign up for one or two slots (ideally one work and one food slot). We have no way to store leftovers safely so if your food is left over, please plan to take it home with you.


The food tent is the heart of PVRC at regattas. The rowers hang out there, the parents hang out. We talk, we even bring games. It’s where teams are made. Join us.


Please see the website's Important Dates page to see all PVRC events, including regattas.

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