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  • Benjamin Quick

policy reminder

Dear PVRC rowers, parents, and supporters,

What a great weekend racing in Worcester! We have always loved that venue. We are looking forward to continuing a wonderful season in New Hampshire next weekend and at our own PVRC Jack-Row-Lantern on the 29th. Thank you for your support of the rowers and helping to make regattas fun and successful.

I know some of you are not in the GroupMe so I am emailing some very important reminders. This will also be posted in the GroupMe chat. These points have been covered in the mandatory family meeting at the beginning of the season, in the GroupMe chat, and are posted in the Codes of Conduct found on the website and shared in the GroupMe chat.

1. Please only bring the items you signed up for on the sign up genius. The reasons for this have been covered extensively and repeatedly. As an extra plea, please sign up for work slots sometimes and not only food slots. Many hands make light work.

2. Single use beverages in disposable containers are banned at PVRC and events which PVRC attends as a team. This applies to any beverage. If a rower or other participant/family member/etc breaks this rule, service hours at the club will be assigned. PVRC takes its role as a steward of the river and, by extension, the environment very seriously.

3. CBD, in any form, with any or zero THC content, falls under the category of "alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, prescription drugs not prescribed by a physician specifically for me, performance enhancing drugs" in the codes of conduct and is not allowed ever at PVRC or events PVRC attends as a team.

4. If you choose not to be in the GroupMe chat, it is your responsibility to get the information provided there.



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