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  • Benjamin Quick

donation celebration Oct 29

Dear PVRC Youth Rowing Families,

Here's a snapshot of the the purpose of this message:

- fundraising is fundamental to PVRC's existence

- everyone helps however they can

- This Friday your kids will be asked to bring in 10 names and addresses

- the attached invitation to attend Oct 29 regatta and "join the crew" is what will be mailed

- PVRC does the mailing. Youth rowers bring in names/addresses, and address the letter.

- Thank you for your help

We have a very busy, exciting October ahead of us which is the "meat" of the fall rowing season! I look forward to seeing and connecting with all of you at a regatta coming soon!

The fall season is when the youth rowing team leads a fundraising activity that helps keep PVRC afloat. PVRC has 4 fundraising events per year, and the youth fall fundraiser has traditionally raised about $20,000 which is about 7% of the PVRC operating budget. As in past years, this year's fundraiser is a mailed letter that invites people to "join the crew" by donating; and come to PVRC on Saturday, October 29 to view our year-end regatta and see the programs their donations support. We will have an open house that day, including food and beverages set up indoor, as youth and adult rowers race a few other rowing clubs on the river at PVRC. The day will start at about 8am with racing beginning at 9am and should be wrapped up early afternoon.

Please help your rower come up with 10 names and addresses. They should bring them to practice printed on a separate piece of paper - or a note in their phone - this Friday, October 7. During practice, they will address pre-printed letters (draft attached) and stuff them in a provided envelope with a return envelope for donations. PVRC will then apply postage and mail them. I will be on site to help and supervise this process. Snacks will be provided. I suggest you help them come up with 10 people who are friends, family, or neighbors who might be interested in supporting the wonderful sports we do at PVRC (more than just rowing - please see the letter!).

As a fundraising professional, I ask you to consider this:

- people who do make a donation feel a sense of reward in being invited to help

- there is no consequence or penalty if people do not respond

- we will not be saving any of these names and addresses if they do not donate

- donations help keep our operational costs and program fees manageable; help cover our incredibly expensive insurance bills; provide scholarships and financial aid; keep our equipment well maintained; pay our wonderful coaches a decent wage; and much more!

- every boathouse that I know of in the USA relies to some extent on charitable donations

- PVRC is a 501c3 nonprofit which means donations may be tax deductible

- every donation will receive a thank you letter with a tax receipt

- if you donate yourself, kindly investigate whether your employer has a company match policy

If your rower comes in with fewer than 10 names we will have a list ready for them to address a letter to.

If you have the ability, pre-printing adhesive addressed labels is a wonderful way to help this process.

If you have any questions about PVRC fundraising activities, finances, operations, or how you can get more involved as a volunteer on our committees, please reach out to me! All coaching, scheduling, regatta, and rowing questions should continue to flow to Coach Scott.

Thank you very much for your support of PVRC,

Ben QuickExecutive Director



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