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  • Benjamin Quick


February 2022

Dear Dragon Rays:

As many of you have noted, a few waves of sad news recently swept over our team. In times like these, we have always been there for each other with comfort, support, encouragement, and food. It's more challenging to do this for each other when we are not all meeting in person. But we still have each other, and "all our life to live, all our love to give." (We will survive!).

We have some other news to share, to help lift our spirits and stay hopeful for the future. Along with longer days (and some occasional warm ones!), and positive news about the battle with Covid, I would like to welcome a new leader to the role of Dragon Rays Coach. As many of you know by now, Sue Gouin chose to step down from the role after last year's water season ended to take care of family and personal needs. PVRC, the Dragon Rays, and Andy's Kayak Rental are all better for the hard work, good humor, and care for everyone that Coach Sue brought to this role. We hope Sue will continue to be a part of the Dragon Rays when the time is right for her.

Starting March 14, when the spring dragon boating season officially begins at PVRC, Becky Mason will serve as your team coach. The theme for 2022 is simple: growth. Since enthusiasm, knowledge, and caring deeply about the team and the organization are all necessary attributes to grow the team, Becky will surely shine in this role. "I just want to see us back on the path of working hard, having fun, attending festivals, and sharing the joy of dragon boating with others," says Coach Becky. Becky has benefitted from being a paddler under several previous coaches over the last eight years and she plans to "channel the best parts of each great coach we've had," to lead the team forward.

So, please show your support for Becky, and join me in welcoming her into this important, challenging, and rewarding role of Dragon Rays Coach. You can also show your support by signing up for the spring season. Clearly, in the second week of March we will be a ways from getting on the water. But the time will be perfect for on-land outdoor and indoor practices to get our paddling muscles tuned up, and to see our dear friends again in person.

Coach Becky will work closely with Head Coach Scott Branscomb to design an enriching exercise regimen for the team as we prepare to get back on the water, and she will lead these practices on Tuesday and Thursday evenings plus Saturday mornings starting March 15.

Sign up! Bring a friend! Ask questions! Let's work together to support Coach Becky and support our Dragon Rays. Register for the spring season by February 28 to save $50!

A meeting will be scheduled shortly for all team members to hear from Coach Becky, make plans for the upcoming season, and work to make the 2022 Springfield Dragon Boat Festival a strong comeback!

Thank you,

Ben Quick PVRC Executive Director



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