Racing the Virus


If our battle with Covid-19 were a boat race, today we would be at the midpoint. The Virus boat caught us unprepared at the start and got a huge lead. It pounded us. It has taken effort, coaching, and sacrifice for our crew to get back in the race. Right now, momentum is with us. But if we let up, all those "power 10s" we did to get here will have been meaningless. Block out the distractions. Stay focused on what you can do to move us forward. Envision the loved ones you are doing this for so we can finish strong. The surreal aspect of this race is that for every mistake we make the race course gets longer. Shorten the race. Beat the Virus. Do it for each other, so we can get back to the team experiences we love.

What we need from you:

  • Do not find yourself in a group of more than 10. If you do, say something ("Too many people here.") and remove yourself. When in a group, keep your 6-foot (at least) distance.

  • Be welcoming to new people. Tell them what the rules are. Meet with them away from the boathouse - at a picnic table, for example.

  • Wear your mask on land. If you forgot one, ask for one - we have some disposables.

  • Do not arrive early, and only arrive at your appointed time. You cannot "help," staff need space to work, and by coming early, you may overlap with the previous group. There is plenty of daylight now - enjoy your time on the water.

  • The place to socialize is on the water - boat to boat. When you are on land, your task is to efficiently, safely get on the water (and afterwards, to go home). Dilly-dallying is Virus fodder!

  • If we are "caught" in gatherings of more than 10, we could--and should--be shut down, so as not to undo the work of people serious about beating the Virus.

Public health trends in Massachusetts (and Connecticut) are generally positive. Below are just a few quotations from state documents which help explain why we have certain restrictions in place. If you want to read the source material, the documents are attached. One provides guidance for recreational boating businesses, and the second provides safety and reopening standards for businesses providing outdoor adult and youth organized sports in Phase 2.

  • Common areas such as gazebos where people are likely to congregate and social distancing cannot be maintained remain closed for Phase II.

  • Face coverings are required for all workers in accordance with COVID-19 Order 31: Order Requiring Face Coverings in Public Places Where Social Distancing is Not Possible

  • Boat club staff should not assist boaters with launch/retrieval or boat readiness except as necessary for ADA compliance. Staff should minimize interactions with boaters.

  • Group size is limited. Programs must separate participants into groups of no more than 12 participants, including coaches and staff.

  • Locker rooms associated with indoor athletic facilities will not be allowed to open, but bathrooms may open. Fitness centers and gyms, yoga studios, barre studios, spin studios, rock gyms, and other general fitness studios may not open in Phase II.

  • Participants may remove face coverings while participating in practice and drills, provided they are able to maintain at least 6 feet of distance from all other persons present.

If you are unclear or uncertain about what is expected of you during this race, please reach out to me.

Thank you,

Ben Quick

PVRC Executive Director 413-695-1841

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