Fall Programming


Long letter here, but important content. Let’s start with important dates and actions:

August 1: Deadline to complete THIS IMPORTANT 3-QUESTION SURVEY for fall rowing

August 14: Registration closes for fall programming

August 24: 1st day of fall programming

September 1: Fall fundraiser (approximate date)

October 17: last day of fall programming, with option to extend

The sculling and kayaking programs this summer have been great thanks to beautiful weather, good equipment, and the hard work our staff is doing to keep everyone safe. We hope you have enjoyed your time on the water, made some new friends, have improved your fitness, and are excited for some fall rowing!

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 we couldn’t do normal spring programming, dragon boating, team rowing, community programs, the Dragon Boat Festival, and so much more. Our small non-profit has taken a big hit over the past several months. We have been able to provide on-water activities all summer but these cannot sustain PVRC as we move forward. Unless we make changes to pricing, staffing, and programming, PVRC will run out of money before it is safe to return full dragon boats and 8s to the water.

The Board of Directors has been working hard to keep things afloat but must consider closing PVRC’s doors in order to conserve funds needed to pay future expenses and to leave enough in the bank to start things back up when normal programming can resume.

Before it comes to that, you can save the fall season by registering for fall rowing. We need at least 24 people to complete the survey, then sign up for fall rowing, to remain open. Otherwise, doors close August 21.

Fall 2020 Programming and Fundraising - Your participation is needed!!

August 1: Deadline to fill out 3-QUESTION SURVEY

August 14: Deadline to have 24 adults and youth registered (not including Learn to Row)

August 24 - October 17 (8 weeks): program dates (with possible extension)

Coached Program Days: Monday - Saturday (on Saturdays, only 7:30am, 9am)

Coached Program Times (one-hour sessions): 7:30 am, 9:00 am, 3:00 pm*, 4:30 pm*, 6:00 pm

*Youth programming only, with 2 coaches.

Bonus! Fall Sculling - Sign up for any day of the week and choose a time that works best for you. Participate in as many days as you would like.

Extra Bonus! If you have passed a flip test, you can sign out a boat any day (during non-program hours) and row with a buddy (both must be age 18+).

Cash Bonus! Your friends need to try our wonderful sport that has “social distance” built-in. PVRC will pay you $50 for each new Learn to Row person you bring--a great way to lower your bill and help PVRC.

Fall 2020 Learn to Row - Recruit a Rower (Adults & Youth age 14+) earn $50!

Learn to Row semi-private sessions are offered twice a week, for two weeks. Choose Monday & Wednesday, or Tuesday & Thursday at these times (once you pick a time, stick to it):

7:30 am, 9:00 am, 3:00 pm, 4:30 pm, 6:00 pm

4 sessions (2 weeks): $200 for one person; $300 for two people

Please contact Coach Jones with any questions about programming at coachreneejones@pvriverfront.org 860-944-6196.

Please contact Ben Quick at ben.quick@pvriverfront.org or 413-695-1841 with any questions about paying for programming.

Your participation this fall will not only earn PVRC profits necessary to operate, but as we fine-tune the model, you are helping us improve how to get back on the water next year.

Other things we are doing to weather the Covid-19 storm include cutting expenses, mainly in payroll. We are also seeking grants and will run a fall fundraising campaign asking everyone to break open their piggy banks for PVRC because the Mother of all Rainy Days has arrived. Andy’s Kayak Rental will continue through October, and we are working on plans for community youth and dragon boat programming.

Our goal is to net $50,000 in program profit and fundraising this fall so you have options next year to enjoy on-water programs at PVRC. It all begins with you signing up for fall rowing.

We hope you “vote” to continue rowing this fall.

With Best Wishes,

Ben Quick

Renee Jones

P.S. It’s really important you fill out this 3-question survey by August 1

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