Covid-19 Protocols.

Important information follows about what we are doing, and what you can do, about Covid-19 at PVRC:

  • PVRC has made it through its first week of services after reopening during the pandemic. 

  • PVRC staff are working hard cleaning and disinfecting to keep you and them safe. It is tedious but important work. Without their efforts, we would not be open. They are maintaining cleaning logs of boats, of bathrooms, and of shared equipment. Please take a moment to thank them for this important work.

  • Please continue to wear your mask, keep your distance from each other, wash your hands, and not enter the boathouse. If you must enter the boathouse, spray your hands with the disinfectant PVRC supplies before entering and make sure you sign the attendance log if staff did not do it for you already.

  • If you feel sick, please don’t come to the boathouse.

  • If you feel sick after coming to PVRC please seek medical care, get a Covid-19 test if applicable, and take care of yourself.

  • As a condition of coming to the boathouse during the pandemic, PVRC asks that you report if you have been here and then test positive for Covid-19. 

  • Your report should be made directly to Ben Quick, Executive Director (mobile: 413-695-1841); or to a staff or board member who will then report to Ben. Confidentiality is as important as Infection Control. Under no circumstances shall your identity be shared beyond Ben when you make your report. The reasons we need to know if you are infected are - To assist with Contact Tracing - To affect the timing of professional cleaning and disinfection which we are trying to do once a week but will do more often if warranted.

If you were at the boathouse at the same time as someone who tests positive for Covid-19, you will be informed, but the identity of the infected individual will not be shared.

I wish you all strength, health, and patience.


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