Please print the following forms and submit them to a PVRC staff member.


  • PVRC Waiver - Required prior to participation UNLESS you registered online, in which case you already signed it electronically.

  • Swim Evaluation  - Required prior to rowing on the water.


Travel. If you are attending an overnight regatta with PVRC and your coach has advised you to get travel documents signed, these are the documents:

Other helpful links:


Thank you, in advance, for completing all paperwork in a timely manner. Our coaches are hired to help our rowers be safe, efficient and have fun! If they liked chasing people for paperwork, they would've chosen a different career path...  If you have any questions, please contact the PVRC Executive Director.


PVRC, 121 West Street, PO Box 3123, Springfield MA 01101-3123 - - 413-736-1322