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Do I need to be able to swim?

Each participant is required to able to swim a 200 yard swim, tread water for 10 minutes, and put on a PDF in the water for rescue purposes.  Rowers who are uncomfortable in the water or unable to perform the above tasks with ease will be required to use a life jacket while on the water.


In accordance with state law youth under 12 are required to wear a lifejacket at all times while on the water no matter their swimming ability.


Anyone under 18 under is required to perform the swim test once before he/she begins to row. Thereafter, it is expected that the participant still knows how to swim and tread water. Should that change, the coaches need to be notified immediately. 


PVRC will schedule a swim evaluation during the first week of proactice for rowers who have not turned in a swim form.


Do you make cuts?

Springfield Crew does not make cuts, however, we do require rowers to achieve a minimum set of stadards to race. 


Setting the standard

At Springfield Crew we believe that rowing in the varsity is a privilege which needs to be earned.  On other sports teams, the varsity level is achieved only after the athlete has acquired a base knowledge and ability in the sport. Those not able to perform at the top level are then cut.


In rowing, however, athletes are varsity eligible based only on time (one year after their first competitive novice season).  At Springfield Crew we do not believe in making cuts, but do require a certain level of commitment, strength, and ability to be considered for boatings. Coaches use the standards to highlight an athlete's strengths and challenge their weakness which the athlete can work on developing.



How are the standards set?

These standards are not meant to exclude anyone from the team, however, we need to recognize that competitive rowing demands a certain amount of experience, strength, determination, and technical proficiency. The coaches work with each athlete to establish personal goals based on their competitive experience, athleticism, and personal drive.  From these goals the coach will set measurable standards the athlete must achieve to be boated at the varsity level.



What if I can’t make the standards?

Rowers wishing to pursue the competitive track can continue training with the team while developing their area of weakness. We recognize that competitive rowing is not for everyone. Rowers who do not wish to meet the established standards are welcome to sign up for one of our less competitive programs.  

Questions are worth asking! Drop us a line with your question and we will get back to you as soon as posssible. 


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