Young Parents Program

This program aims to bring all of the health, education and personal enhancement benefits of rowing specifically to a population of young men and women who are striving to set a course for life improvement for themselves and their young children. 


Participants compete in the annual Young Parent Regatta held in August. Funded in part by Rowing Strong Rowing Together a program of the CARE CENTER

Ready, Set, Row!

This in-school program teaches students the basics of rowing through the use of rowing machines (ergs).  PVRC then assists each school in implementing a challenging curriculum which emphasizes respect, mindfulness, and demonstrates the importance of teamwork and physical activity.


If you are a teacher in the Springfield area who would be interested in piloting our free program please contact PVRC at info@pvriverfront.org.


Schools that have participated:

Alice B. Beal School

Alfred M. Glickman School

Mary M. Lynch School

Alfred G. Zanetti Montessori 

Springfield Public Day Elementary School

Chestnut Accelerated Middle Schools

A partnership between PVRC and Project Coach to introduce rowing to the elementary aged students in the North End. Through this partnership and in conjunction with the Springfield Public Schools, in school rowing classes for elementary and middle school youth are being offered to numerous schools in Springfield.


Project Coach's mission is to bridge economic, educational and social divisions facing Springfield's youth by empowering and employing teenagers to become sport coaches and academic mentors to elementary school students.


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In an effort to promote health and wellness in our community PVRC offers a wide variety of outreach programs aimed at bringing the lifelong healthy activities to those who might not otherwise have the opportunity to participate. All of these programs are provided at no charge to the participants.

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PVRC, 121 West Street, PO Box 3123, Springfield MA 01101-3123 - info@pvriverfront.org - 413-736-1322