May 25

PVRC will phase-in re-opening on Monday, May 25 with a launch of Andy's Kayak Rental. Named after Andy Vezis, who loved the water, rowing, paddling, swimming, and teaching. His life was tragically cut short when, at age 47, he was diagnosed with colorectal cancer (CRC). He had no symptoms until the cancer was advanced. His loved ones now promote CRC education and screening in his memory, and through their generosity, kayak rental is free on May 25. First-come, first served. 8am to 12pm. Minimum age 14, with an accompanying parent/guardian. There is no pre-registration. Rentals will start the following Saturday and continue over the summer and fall.

PVRC is taking safety precautions including requiring all participants and staff to wear a mask except while in a boat; disinfecting boats between uses; enforcing “social distancing;” and restricting entry into the boathouse to urgent needs.

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