Phase 2 of reopening business during a global health crisis and national social crisis has begun in Massachusetts. Here is what that means for PVRC:

  • During Phase 1 PVRC was strictly a boat rental business. During Phase 2 PVRC technically resumes organized programming although in reality, very little will change since we cannot add team boats.

  • Gatherings of more than 10 people are (still) not permitted by the City of Springfield.

  • Two rowers, more than 6 feet apart, will now help each other carry single sculls to/from water. Coaches will continue to direct procedures for equipment cleaning and disinfection.

  • The boathouse and lockers are still off-limits except for one-at-a-time bathroom use. Professional weekly bathroom cleaning has restarted, with disinfection as an added service.

  • PVRC has a supply of hand sanitizer including a bottle which always hangs in the door at the covered boathouse entrance.

Please continue to wear a mask when on land at PVRC and act under the assumption that everyone you see is an asymptomatic covid-19 carrier.

Thank you for continuing to be a part of PVRC through the crises of our time,


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