In-School Rowing Program

In an effort to increase awareness of lifelong healthy activities, such as rowing, paddling, and biking, PVRC is offering teachers an amazing opportunity for their students. Currently we are looking for a few creative SPS teachers who would be interested in piloting our free in school rowing programs. These programs will teach the basics of using rowing machines (ergs), teach lessons on intensity and goal setting, and demonstrate the importance of teamwork.


Here's why rowing is a great fit for kids and your school:

  • The Concept2 Indoor Rower fits people of all sizes.

  • The lesson plans are aligned with the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) Standards for Physical Education.

  • The user controls the intensity of the exercise.

  • The performance monitor provides data that kids understand- distance, calories, time.

  • Rowing can build confidence in students who are not typically athletic.

  • The units of output can be easily adapted to classroom activities: meters convert to distance on a map for geography projects; watts relates to science class.

  • Recent articles suggest that exercise can be an effective treatment for attention- deficit disorders, and rowing is one of the exercises that has helped some kids to focus better.

  • The mechanics of the indoor rower itself are simple and easy for kids to grasp.

  • In learning to row, kids are learning a sport which they can do for the rest of their lives.

  • And finally, kids seem to just like rowing

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