PVRC Policies & Procedures - All members and participants should be familiar with the PVRC policies and procedures.  This document is meant as a guide and is updated regularly.


PVRC General Programs Waiver - If you are visiting the boathouse for a day or taking part in a special program for our insurance it is required that everyone fill out our waiver


PVRC Dragon Boat Festival Waiver  - PVRC must have a paper waiver on file, signed by a parent for all 14 - 17 year olds.  


Swim Test Form - Anyone one participating on the water at PVRC must have a Swim Test on file in the office.  If you do not have a Swim Test you MUST wear a life jacket while on the water. 


Scholarship Form- At PVRC we strive to make rowing accessible to all and provide substantial scholarships based on need.  All requests must be turned in to the PVRC office prior to the start of your program.  


Sculling Test - If you want to enjoy the Connecticut River alone in a single you must study and pass our written  test. This test focuses in on practical safety and rules of the river. It allows rowers the freedom to sign out shells without being accompanied by a coach.




There are times when being on the water is unsafe. When a coach or staff member cancels a scheduled rowing session due to safety conditions, He/She has the authority to keep boats on shore for everyone's safety (including those of potential rescuers). Bikes and indoor rowing machines will be available for members use during unsafe rowing conditions.


Unsafe Weather Conditions:

If there are electrical storms (e.g. lightning/thunder), wind exceeding 10mph heading North, 15mph heading south or waves that have whitecaps.


Fog: There must be at least 100 yards of visibility and clear indication of improving conditions.


Cold weather: Air temps below 45 F and water temp below 50 F are considered dangerous.

Click here for current weather


Unsafe River Conditions:

Excessive floating debris in the river. Most debris is larger than what is visible.

River Flow over 45,000 CFS (8.5 feet on the river gage) - No boats.

River Flow over 24,000 CFS (6 feet on the river gage) - No kayaks, canoes, SUP. Restricted sculling boats.


Click her for current river levels - National Weather Service, Advanced Hydrolic Prediction Service.


Other Considerations:

There is limited visibility - dusk/dawn great care should be taken when rowing in darkness or near darkness. Safety lights should be used that are visible from the bow and stern.


Is the River Clean?

The designation of the Connecticut River as the first National Blueway in May 2012 was an affirmation that the preservation and restoration of this cultural and environmental asset is strongly intertwined with our quality of life and prosperity.  The designation also acknowledges the decades of collaborative efforts of individuals and groups who saw the river's potential and contributed to its restoration-taking it from being coined 'the best landscaped sewer' in the nation to being a nationally recognized treasure. Millions of dollars in public funds have been used to clean up the Connecticut River and its tributaries over the past decade and, as a result, the river is now much cleaner.  The Connecticut River is a working river, and we invite others to come enjoy it and help us keep it clean and full of life.  Together we have an opportunity to be a model for the nation's rivers. For more info click here.

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