Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct


My child/ren and I have read the Youth Rower Code of Conduct and I understand that my rower(s) will be held to the standards of behavior contained therein.


I will encourage my child to follow the Youth Rower Code of Conduct and to resolve issues without resorting to hostility or gossip.


I will show respect for PVRC coaches, PVRC staff, PVRC volunteers, race officials, and staff and volunteers at hosting organizations who give their time to rowing for my child.


I will leave the coaching and coaching decisions to the coaching staff.


I understand that Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club’s website,, is the primary source of information about PVRC and its programs.


I will provide a current mobile number and email address to the club for reliable communication.


I understand that the app GroupMe is used for most communication between parents. If I choose not to install GroupMe or join the parent group in GroupMe, getting team and club information and updates is my responsibility.


I will inform my child’s coach of any medical condition which may affect my child’s ability to participate in practices and/or regattas.


I will remember that my child rows for her/his enjoyment, not mine.


I will insist that my child rows in a safe and healthy environment. I will support a sports environment that is free of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco.


I will make every effort to show respect and courtesy to others when communicating via electronic means such as, but not limited to, email, texts, and GroupMe. If I have a problem to resolve, I will resolve it in person or on the phone and not through the use of public emails or messages sent to multiple recipients. I will refrain from resorting to hostility and gossip.


I will first communicate all and any concerns regarding inappropriate behavior to my child’s squad coach. If I require further discussion, I will communicate with the head coach. I may seek other vehicles for resolution, such as communication with the Executive Director of PVRC.


I have read and understand the above Code of Conduct and agree to abide by its guidelines during all team activities. I understand that if I do not follow this Code of Conduct, I may be asked to leave a PVRC activity. In an extreme or repeated situation, I may be asked to withdraw my child from rowing at PVRC.

I have reviewed the pickup and dropoff parking map shown below.

PVRC, 121 West Street, PO Box 3123, Springfield MA 01101-3123 - - 413-736-1322